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For those “moments” when your budding young artist decides the walls are a much better canvas for th

Try these top tips from our team for getting rid of crayon marks Toothpaste Using a non-gel toothpaste, apply it to the area and scrub with a clean rag or a scrubbing brush, after a little elbow grease your walls should be as good as new. Once done clean the wall with water and a cloth. WD-40 Spray a little WD-40 onto the doodling’s and wipe with a clean cloth. The crayon should be easily removed. Once done clean the wall with water and a cloth. Mayonnaise Not only great in a sandwich, Mayonnaise can also be used as an easy trick for getting rid of crayon on painted walls. Run the Mayo over the crayon, and leave for 5 minutes. Then using a damp clean cloth, wipe over the surface and the

Red Wine & Carpets!

It's happened to us all as some point, be it whilst hosting guests over for dinner, a small social gathering or during a horror when you accidentally throw your glass across the room, and opps you find yourself faced with a Red wine stain on your carpet. But fear not, when your next faced with this try this simple approach to get rid of that nasty stain, but remember act sooner rather than later, as time is your enemy when dealing with this kind of stain. Step 1. Using a clean cloth, blot up as much of the wine as you can. Keep turning the cloth to ensure you are blotting using a clean area each time Step 2. Use a little bit of tap water to dilute the wine, and continue to blot the stain, m

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