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Time to Declutter?

Refresh your Living Space by Decluttering Refresh Cornwall have the pleasure of providing our services to many beautiful holiday lets in Cornwall, and one thing that makes these holiday let’s feel so much different to our homes, is the lack of clutter. Clean surfaces, no piles of paperwork and only having a few knick-knacks all help create a much more relaxing living space, and makes it easier to clean as well! Why not try some of these tips to declutter your home, and see if you agree. Try the 15 x 4 Declutter Challenge This is a great method for you to get started alone, or to get the whole family involved All you need to do is to find 15 items to throw away, 15 items to be returned to whe

Happy Easter & WD-40!

The Team at Refresh hope you have all have had a lovely Easter weekend. This week we thought we would share some cleaning uses for a product that most of you will have in your garage or shed, but may not have realised it could be used in these ways… So next time you’re faced with one of these problems, reach for that can of WD-40! Tea & Coffee Stains A kitchen worktop with tea and coffee stains, can really let down the appearance of your kitchen. Next time you encounter such marks spray the area with a little WD-40, let it soak for 30 seconds and then wipe clean. The stains should just wipe away. Just remember to clean the worktop before use! Craft Time For those of you with little ones,

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