Spring is in the Air!

Not that you would believe it with the weather we had last week, however Spring is around the corner, so we thought we would share some of these money saving tips as suggested by the team

Refresh your Sponges

When your sponges have seen better days, give them a burst of life by nuking them in the microwave. The heat will kill the germs and leave you with a good as new sponge.

Simply squeeze some lemon juice onto them and pop them in for 2 minutes, they will come out smelling fresh, and ready for use.

Make your own all-purpose cleaner

You can use Vinegar as a great multipurpose cleaner for any task from cleaning windows to shifting lime scale. Simply mix equal amounts of vinegar with water.

You could fill a spray bottle for an easy to use spray cleaner.

Not recommended for use on your fish & chips though!

Lemons are not just for making lemonade!

Lemons can make cleaning stubborn dirt, rust and lime scale a doddle, as the acid in them helps cut through the grime.

Use lemons to clean your chopping boards, taps and edges, sinks and oven hob.

You can also treat your microwave to a stream clean, add lemon slices to a bowl of water and microwave for 4-5 minutes, then simply wipe over the inside to leave it grease free and shiny as new.

Just remember to save a lemon for your cheeky after cleaning G ‘n’ T!


Coke is a great replacement for bleach when cleaning the loo. It is mildly acidic which will make light work of mineral marks and stains that have built up in your loo.

Simply pour around the rim and into the bowl, using a cloth to spread it around if needed.

Leave it an hour, give it a flush and everything should be clean and fresh.

And finally, a easy way to keep your fridge clean

Use clingfilm to line each of the shelfs in your fridge, then at the end of the week replace it with a fresh sheet.

Any crumbs and spills will be easily removed on the old sheet, and no stains will be left.

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