Happy Easter & WD-40!


The Team at Refresh hope you have all have had a lovely Easter weekend.

This week we thought we would share some cleaning uses for a product that most of you will have in your garage or shed, but may not have realised it could be used in these ways…

So next time you’re faced with one of these problems, reach for that can of WD-40!

Tea & Coffee Stains

A kitchen worktop with tea and coffee stains, can really let down the appearance of your kitchen. Next time you encounter such marks spray the area with a little WD-40, let it soak for 30 seconds and then wipe clean. The stains should just wipe away. Just remember to clean the worktop before use!

Craft Time

For those of you with little ones, I’m sure you will have plenty of crafting sessions this half term, and whilst the stress of spilt glitter or paint is bad enough, there is nothing quite like finding the spilt dried in blobs of glue over your carpet. Well worry not as again WD-40 can help again, spray the affected area, wait a while and wipe clean. (As with any cleaning product, we recommend you test in a low visibility area first).

Nail Polish Mishaps

It’s happened to us all, well maybe not all of our male followers (but I’m it has for some of them!) That heart sinking moment when you spill your nail polish. We all know the go-to product is nail polish remover, but the alcohol and acetone can easily damage surfaces such as timber. So next time, maybe reach for the WD-40, which can clean just as well, but without damaging your surface.

Chewing Gum

WD-40 is great at removing gum from any surface (hair, clothing, carpets). Apply to the area and wipe it clean with a cloth. Remember to wash the surface (especially hair) well after applying the WD-40.

Cleaning those Pans

WD-40 can be used to clean pans with dried on food/ baking residue. It doesn’t work on them all, but if after traditional cleaning you are left with stubborn residue, it worth a try. Spray with WD-40 and leave it to soften the residue, after which give it a good scrub and then another traditional clean.

Refresh those Mugs

Maybe more common in the workplace, then in the home, but when using the same mug day after day, it doesn’t take long to look a little worse for wear on the inside, with the build-up of stains. To make it look as good as new, give it a squirt of WD-40, followed with a hot soapy wash, and it will be left looking as good as new.

I’m sure WD-40 can be used in many other ways, so please share what you use it for with us.

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