Time to Declutter?

Refresh your Living Space by Decluttering

Refresh Cornwall have the pleasure of providing our services to many beautiful holiday lets in Cornwall, and one thing that makes these holiday let’s feel so much different to our homes, is the lack of clutter.

Clean surfaces, no piles of paperwork and only having a few knick-knacks all help create a much more relaxing living space, and makes it easier to clean as well!

Why not try some of these tips to declutter your home, and see if you agree.

Try the 15 x 4 Declutter Challenge

This is a great method for you to get started alone, or to get the whole family involved

All you need to do is to find 15 items to throw away, 15 items to be returned to where they should be, 15 items to sell and 15 items to give away. Before you know it you will have decluttered 60 items without trying. If getting the family involved, then focus on a room each.

The 5 box approach

This approach requires a bit more effort and time, and depending on the size of the room, could take a few hours to complete, or a few weeks to complete!

You will need 5 boxes or containers, label them as follows;

Rubbish, Keep, Sell, Give Away, Relocate

Then pick a room

For each and every item in the room, you need to place it in 1 of the 5 boxes (mentally if it won’t fit!)

Work your way around each room in the house, maybe picking one a month.

If trying either of the above approaches, make sure you follow up with the required action, i.e. selling, donating or relocating the items. Facebook Marketplace or the eBay app on a smartphone or tablet both allow easy and quick selling platforms.

Some other tips from the team:

Have an inbox

All and any paperwork that comes into your home goes into the inbox (post, school letters, receipts etc.) make sure it all goes into the inbox, rather than spread around the house.

Then on a regular basis work your way from the top down, and use a simple filing system (document wallets and labels) to keep on top of the paperwork.

Files could include;

Bills, Receipts, to action, to keep, etc.

Weekly Pick up

Every week, aim to pick up 10 things that you use, but don’t really have a home, so get left around the house. For each item you need to allocate it a home, and then each time it’s used going forwards, make sure its returned to its new home.

Use a ‘not sure’ box

Often when decluttering you will come across an item which you’re really not sure if you need? Want? Could sell? Could get rid of?

Rather than delay the decluttering process by making a cuppa’ and sitting to ponder over the item, place it in your ‘not sure’ box, and then spend an evening once in a while, sorting through the box.

One for today, one to give away!

As you’re deciding what to wear each morning, also decide on something you won’t wear again, and put it to onside for donating to charity.

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