Sun Cream, Sea and Sand :O(

Now the finer weather is upon us (fingers crossed it stays) no doubt many of you will be heading to the beach.

Whilst the sand castles, paddling and ice-cream seems appealing at the start of a hot day, what isn’t so appealing is the sand that’s left at the end of the day!

For the beachside holiday homes we clean, it’s one of our pet hates, it gets everywhere!

Here are some of the team’s suggestions to help keep the sand on the beach, and not in your home!

Replace your usual bags with mesh ones.

The sand will be able to fall through the gaps, and reduce the amount that makes it home with you

Don’t forget Flip-flops

Traditional shoes or trainers tend to act as buckets whilst walking on the sand, so opt for flip flops for a sand free shoe at the end of the day!

Baby Powder

Use baby power as a quick way to clean sandy feet.

The powder dries the moisture from your skin, which makes it easier to brush the sand off.

Apply the powder to your skin and then wipe it with a towel, or if you’re not too ticklish, then a dry paint brush will soon have you feet clean and sand free.

Also if you’re picnicking on the beach, this tip can be used to clean hands and avoid sandy sandwiches!

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