Avoid the Stains this Summer

With the weather as it has been lately, we are sure the summer wardrobe is well and truly in use. Here are some hints and tips to help quickly take care of the inevitable spill, drip, or ooze over your favourite article of clothing.

The main thing to remember to beating the Summer stains, is pre-treating, whatever your choice of stain busting product, ensure you allow it sufficient time to sit, refer to the products instructions to determine the time required.

How to get rid of Crayon Stains

Start by using a blunt knife to scrape of the crayon wax from the material. They soak the clothing in hot water along with a stain remover containing oxygen bleach. Leave for up to 30 minutes and then was and dry as usual.

How to get rid of Chewing Gum

Start by rubbing the gum with ice, this will cause it to harden, and then you need to scrape away as much as possible using a blunt knife. Following this you need to saturate the remaining gum with a prewash or undiluted laundry detergent. After this wash and dry as usual.

How to get rid of Chocolate stains

Using an undiluted laundry detergent with enzymes, pre-treat the clothing in warm water for up to 20 minutes, after this wash and dry as usual.

How to get rid of Grass stains

Use warm water and an undiluted laundry detergent with enzymes to pre-soak the clothing. Following this was and dry as usual, if the stain prevails you may need to rewash with some oxygen bleach.

How to get rid of Juice stains

Start by soaking the clothing in cold water, and then apply a pre-treating product. After allowing it to sit (refer to manufactures instructions), then wash it as usual. However you must allow it to air dry.

Oh and don't forget the sunscreen!

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