Summer Time Madness!

Can’t believe we are already about half way through the Summer Holidays, as you can imagine it’s a busy time for the Refresh Cornwall Team

See below for some top tips from the team

To keep ants away from your house, use chalk to draw a line where you want them to stop, I wonder if they would enjoy an ant maze!!

To prevent your bathroom mirror from steaming up, rub it with dry soap and then clean with a cloth

Candles will last longer if you freeze them for 24 hours before lighting

Use salt to clean the underside of your iron, tip it onto your ironing board and then go back and forth

Cutting through a folded sheet of tin foil will help keep your scissors sharp, also works with garden shears

Eucalyptus oil is excellent at removing the sticky residue from sticky labels and price tags

Bread can be used to effectively pick up small shards of broken glass

One of our holiday lets that we service, have painted a blob on luminous paint on the light switches so people can find them in the dark

Burning a match is a great way to deal with bathroom smells

To easily clean pet hair of your couch, rub them with a pair of damp rubber gloves

If you leave shoes outside or in the shed, cover them with an old pair of tights to keep spiders out

When cleaning a BBQ or fireplace, slightly dampen the ash with a spray bottle filled with water to stop if going everywhere

Before vacuuming, place a few drops of your favourite oil by the warm air vent, as you vacuum the oil will warm and fragrance the room

Flat coke is a great way to clean your toilet and sink, leave overnight and it will take care of any lime scale

A dash of mild detergent is a great way to keep flowers fresh, just add some to the water in the vase

If you need to mask unpleasant smells, burn some coffee beans in a saucepan, the coffee smell will overpower anything else

Hair spray can be used to remove marker pen of hard surfaces, simply spray on and wipe off

If you have a wall that’s prone to damp, wipe it over with a mix of 3 drops of clove oil (used for toothache) with 1 litre of water, the mixture kills the spores

Keep your stainless-steel smear free by cleaning with a small amount of baby oil on a cloth

That’s it for now, plenty of linen to launder!

Have a great week, from all of us at Refresh Cornwall

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