Keep your Sheets Fresh this Winter


With Winter closing in on us, it’s often a case that our cupboards start to get stacked up with summer clothing and beach towels on top of the usual bedding, which can easily become a haven for musty smells due to the increased clutter, extra moisture created by heaters and closed windows.

Follow these Refresh Cornwall tips, to keep your bedding fresh and clean, ready for when its needed, after all there is nothing quite like that freshly made bed feeling.


Shelf Space

We recommend dedicating some space in your cupboards for nothing but bedding, ideally this will be dry, cool and will allow you to store your bedding without packing it in too tightly, this will help prevent that musty smell by allowing the bedding to breathe.

Refresh Cornwall Top Tip

Before you store your bedding and to make them easy to find, we suggest that you fold and store each bedding set in one of its matching pillow cases, this ensures the sheet, duvet cover and pillow cases are matching and saves times searching through piles of other bedding.


Wash All Bedding

Before storing any bedding, it’s essential that you give it a good wash, and dry it fully. Even the slightest stain or dirt can encourage the growth of mould and if you put it away whilst even being the slightest bit damp, it will cause problems.

Refresh Cornwall Top Tip

If you are using a clothes dryer, we recommend once it’s done that you take the bedding out and allow it to hang for about 30 min minimum, to allow it time to breath.


Fold it loosely, and pack it away as needed, just remember not to pack it too tight, and leave it room to breathe.

If you have followed our suggestions above, then when its needed you’re bedding should be ready to put on your bed, and will allow you to enjoy that freshly cleaned experience. You cant beat a bit of cleaning!

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